Innovative Horticulture Products
Innovative Plastic Plant Trays and Pots

T.O. Plastics is a market leader in the horticultural industry, supplying a proprietary line of plastic horticultural growing containers as well as innovative custom plant pot and tray products for growers throughout North America and internationally.

With more than 50 years thermoforming experience in the horticulture market, T.O. Plastics offers superior plastic plant pots and trays that improve the growing process and growers’ bottom line. We offer the highest quality, most competitively priced horticulture products on the market, and meet our customers’ greenhouse and nursery expectations for on- time delivery and customer service.

The Plug Tray Experts

T.O. Plastics is recognized for its expertise in the young plant market, having used its advanced design, engineering and production capabilities to develop products that improve plug performance, like our SureRoots® ELITE plug trays.

Our medical packaging facility in Otsego, located just 30 minutes from Minneapolis, is ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Efficiency Innovator

Our Press-Fill System is engineered to increase your operation’s efficiency and lower labor costs. The simple system allows the placement of the appropriate number of square plant pots into a matching plastic carry tray all at once instead of each pot being set separately, saving up to 88% in labor time and costs.

Horticulture Industry Partner

Our sales and engineering teams have worked with some of the most prominent growers in the country, to help develop transformative products used in the industry today.

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