Meet Our Medical/Industrial Sales Team

Managing territories throughout the United States, customers rely on our medical/industrial sales engineers to bring custom thermoforming expertise to the table. We excel at custom medical/industrial projects of all levels of complexity. 

Meet Our Horticulture Sales Team

Managing territories throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South America, our horticulture sales reps bring decades of experience in the horticulture industry to guide customers toward the best solution for them. 

We work with distributors across the United States and Canada. Find a distributor to purchase your plant trays and pots or connect with your region's sales representative.

Meet Our Customer Service Team

You can rely on our incredibly knowledgeable and experienced team of customer service representatives to answer your questions, provide timely updates, solve order challenges, and much more.

Medical Map
Horticulte Map
Customer Service Map
Rob Rood
Northeast Regional Sales Manager, Horticulture
Sam Janicki
Great Lakes Regional Sales Manager, Horticulture
Leigh Ann Burbes
Central Regional Sales Manager, Horticulture
Daniel Jackson
West Coast Regional Sales Manager, Horticulture
Becca Butters
South Central Regional Sales Manager, Horticulture
Jessica Renken
Southeast Regional Sales Manager, Horticulture
Jeff Seibert
Sales Engineer
Matt Walsh
Matt Walsh
Sales Manager - Contract
laura (2)
Laura Kiffmeyer
Customer Service Manager
Kelly Gamble - Horticulture Customer Service Rep
Kelly Gamble
Lisa McCoy
Contract and Horticulture
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