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Featured Resource: Med PackED 2.0

Earlier this year we hosted our second virtual event: Med PackED 2.0. Four industry experts presented on various medical packaging topics, which are now available to watch on demand. Presentations include:

  1. How to Choose Medical Packaging Materials
    Min DeGruson, Assistant Professor, Packaging at UW Stout
  2. Medical Packaging Development from an MDM's Perspective
    Dan Burgess, Packaging Engineering Fellow at Boston Scientific
  3. Common Challenges in Med Start-Ups & Info to Solve Them
    Frank Jaskluke, VP of Intelligence at Medical Alley Association
  4. Setting Smart Packaging Requirements
    Andrew Corson, Director of Manufacturing Process Development at Gilero
Min Dan Frank Andrew

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Med PackED // Virtual Event

During our first virtual event, Med PackED, we featured three presentations from industry experts on the topics of user-centered design, process, and material for packaging medical devices. These also remain available to watch on-demand:


Laura Bix


Michael Fisher


Adam Gollnick


Andy Grote

  1. Designing User-Centered Healthcare Packaging and Experiments to Evaluate Effectiveness
    Laura Bix, Assistant Dean for Teaching, Learning and Academic Analytics & School of Packaging Professor at Michigan State University
  2. Novel Products and Naiive Customers: How to Guide the Non-Expert to Design and Manufacture Packages for Medical Devices
    Michael Fisher, Director of Product Development at the Global Center for Medical Innovation
  3. Medical Device Packaging Materials to Know & Requirements to Keep in Mind
    Adam Gollnick & Andy Grote, Tekni-Plex

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