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It’s our goal to provide customers with top-notch extruded and thermoformed plastic packaging and parts that are delivered with exceptional service. And our Partnership Program helps us achieve that goal. When customers join our Partnership Program, they gain access to discounts, rebates, and no-charge options of our fully scaled, high-volume programs. These programs include research and development collaboration sessions, design engineering services, prototyping, and tooling.

In effect, our Partnership Program can help you get your project off the ground without the high cost of entry that typically accompanies custom thermoformed plastic products and packaging. We assess Partnership Program qualification on a customer by customer basis.

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Partnership Program

Our Partnership Program helps us to begin long-lasting partnerships with customers in need of high-quality custom thermoforming. We provide industry-leading design engineering, prototyping, tooling, and production of thermoformed plastics to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Still, we've found that the cost of entry into our services and capabilities isn’t always accessible to smaller businesses or startups. But as a company, we place higher importance on partnership.

Get in touch with one of our sales reps to learn more about our Partnership Program and how it can help your business benefit from our comprehensive, expert-level services.

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When you choose T.O. Plastics for your thermoformed parts and packaging solutions, you can count on superior quality, fair pricing, on-time delivery, personalized customer service, and turnkey product development from discovery and design through prototype and production.

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