Our versatile extrusion capabilities give our customers the edge they need in top-quality, cost-effective product. By extruding our own materials, T.O. Plastics can control the quality of its cut-sheet and roll stock goods while providing significant time and cost savings to our customers. Our coextrusion lines enable us to combine multiple plastics into a single material. This can be done to create plastics with specific characteristics and capabilities. Coextrusion is also beneficial as a cost-reduction tactic by pressing scrap materials into a useable form.


Roll Stock

We extrude a variety of plastic substrates, including utility and prime grades of HIPS roll stock. We offer it in truckload and LTL quantities. Our roll stock comes in a variety of gauges, colors, and volumes. Get in touch with a T.O. Plastics sales rep to see if we can provide the roll stock you need.

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TOPSTAT™ Roll Stock

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), TOPSTAT™ roll stock based on Conductive Carbon Black technology that can provide static dissipative and electrically conductive performance for applications requiring anti-static properties, electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, grounding, and/or electrical conductivity.

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Partnership Program

It’s our goal to provide customers with top-notch extruded and thermoformed plastic packaging and parts that are delivered with exceptional service. And our Partnership Program helps us achieve that goal.

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