Horticulture Thermoforming Products

With nearly 60 years of thermoforming experience within the horticulture market, T.O. Plastics offers superior plastic plant trays and pots that improve the growing process. Within the horticulture market, we are recognized as plug tray experts and efficiency innovators with time-tested strategies for optimizing timelines and reducing labor costs.

Our sales and engineering teams have worked with some of the most prominent growers in the country, helping develop transformative thermoformed products. We offer the highest quality, most competitively priced horticulture products on the market, while meeting greenhouse and nursery expectations for on-time delivery and customer service.

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Press-Fill Efficiency

Over the years, we’ve invested in technologies that increase quality and efficiency, and those efforts don’t end with our production efforts. We developed the Press-Fill System as a solution to a common efficiency problem many of our customers face when loading and filling square pots. Instead of individually loading square pots into a tray, our Press-Fill System streamlines this task without compromising quality. By configuring corresponding trays for each case count, workers can load a full tray in a fraction of the time. On average, our customers reduce the time required to fill trays by up to 75 percent when they switch from the single pot method to the Press-Fill System. Use our Press-Fill System calculator to determine how much you can save on labor costs by making the switch.

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Customer Center Design Services

T.O. Plastics provides Innovative Growing Solutions for your production needs with our Customer Centered Design Services. From discovery to design to produce, our knowledgeable staff will help find the best solution for you.

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When we design our plug trays we're thinking of you!
Labeling and Barcoding
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8" x 11" Plant Pie. It's easy as pie!
Plug Tray Flyer
When we design our plug trays we're thinking of you!
Propagation Trays
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Square Pots
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Sureroots Elite
Sureroots Elite features and specs
Sureroots features and specs
SVD, SPT 550 System
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Cannabis & Hemp
Creating healthy environments for root development.