Innovative Horticulture Products

Greenhouse Products

T.O. Plastics thermoforms a diverse range of high quality horticulture products for greenhouse growers, including wholesale plastic plant pots, plant trays, carry trays, liner trays, square pots, flats, inserts, plug trays, and propagation trays.

In addition to this proprietary line of wholesale plastic plant pots, trays and containers, T.O. Plastics offers growers access to its custom product design and thermoforming capabilities for a wide range of horticultural applications. Contact a sales rep for your custom horticulture solutions.

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Square Plant Pots

Square Pot Carry Trays

Standard Inserts

Standard Flats

True & Slim Inserts

True & Slim Flats

Regional Inserts and Flats

Plug Trays


Propagation Trays

Sheet Pots

Liner Trays

Round Plant Pots

Round Pot Carry Trays

Specialty Plant Trays

Retail Market Products

Plant Pie ContainersTM and Muffin Trays