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Standard Inserts

Engineered to de-nest easily, our standard inserts have straight walls that offer greater soil capacity for a larger, healthier crop. Combined with our standard flats, T.O. Plastics standard inserts create an efficient system for your growing operation.

View our Flats and Inserts Compatibility Guide to help you order the correct quantities, and contact a T.O. Plastics sales rep or one of our distributors to place your horticulture product order.

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Standard Inserts

Product Code

Product Description

715345C STI-201
715347C STI-601
715348C STI-606


715353C STI-804
715357C STI-806
715362C STI-809
715364C STI-812
715366C STI-1001
715367C STI-1004
715369C STI-1006
715371C STI-1201
715373C STI-1202


715377C STI-1204
715382C STI-1206
715385C STI-1801
715387C STI-1802
715389C STI-1803-TRI PACK
715392C STI-1803-STRIP
715394C STI-1804
715399C STI-2401
715401C STI-3601


715408C STI-806-DP
715420C STI-1206-LC
715425C STI-1804-LC