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Made in the USA

Product Details


Product Group: POPagation Station Plug Popper
Series: Frame

How to use:

  1. Slide base board into bottom plate of frame from either side (right or left).
  2. Align (4) holes in base board with (4) dowel pins in bottom plate.
  3. Lock base board into place by rotating (4) turn latches.
  4. Align lower support rib to center and upper support ribs between cells of plug tray.
  5. To adjust lower support rib, loosen thumb screws and slide to center of plug tray. Tighten to hold in place.
  6. To adjust upper support ribs, loosen the thumb screws and slide to align between cells of plug tray. Tighten to hold in place.
  7. Slide plug tray into top plate between upper and lower support ribs from frame front.
  8. Using both handles, press top plate down to allow base board pins to penetrate drainage holes of plug tray to dislodge plugs from bottom of tray.
  9. Release pressure on handles to return top plate to resting position.
  10. Slide plug tray out of frame front.
  11. Remove excess soil and plant debris after use.

Base board and the stabilizer frame sold separately. Built to accommodate a standard 10x20 perimeter trim plug tray. Customized stabilizer frame available to order. Patent Pending.