As a plastics manufacturer with a focus in the medical industry, T.O. Plastics has the tools, technology, and expertise to provide products and solutions that aid in the fight against COVID-19. Protecting essential workers and customers is critical as we all continually work to keep our communities healthy and operational. We are working hard to design and produce protective barriers for the health and safety of our employees, and can do the same for companies of all services and sizes - retail, manufacturing, industrial, restaurant, financial, and more.

Wherever there is need to safely separate space between people while maintaining sight lines and accessibility, T.O. Plastics has the capability to quickly design and manufacture individual and fixed plastic barriers of all sizes. 


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Operating safely during a global pandemic presents new challenges for businesses all around the world to solve. With social distancing as one of our best actions for reducing the spread of the coronavirus, one urgent challenge to solve is what to do when 6' of separation isn't possible. Here are our solutions that can help:

  • Engineered Plastic Sheets for Face Shields
  • Plastic Panels and Coverings for Safety
  • Custom Designed Heavy Gauge Thermoforming Solutions

Relatively inexpensive and easy-to-implement options, these solutions offer the protective barrier to minimize risk while maintaining necessary visibility and accessibility for operation. T.O. Plastics is perfectly positioned with the engineering and thermoforming capabilities and current capacity to design and manufacture face shield components, plastic panels, or other custom products to help your business support the health and safety of employees and customers. 

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We are all united in our need for solutions to support safe business operation; and we have a capability that can help. No matter how defined your idea is, from napkin sketch to detailed CAD drawing, we have the design and production resources available to help, fast. 

Backed by over 30 years of experience, T.O. Plastics has the expertise and knowledge to design and thermoform medical grade plastic into the custom applications required during this global crisis. We're ready to work with you, connecting your idea to our team for quick, effective design and production. 

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