Meet Our Medical Sales Team

Managing territories throughout the United States, customers rely on our medical sales reps to bring custom thermoforming expertise to the table. We excel custom medical projects of all levels of complexity.  

Meet Our Horticulture Sales Team

Managing territories throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South America, our horticulture sales reps bring decades of experience in the horticulture industry to guide customers toward the best solution for them. 

Meet Our Industrial Sales Team

Serving customers throughout the United States, 0ur industrial sales reps will bring your custom thermoformed project into reality. Our thermoformed packaging solutions for industrial applications are second to none. 


Doug Laubenstein

Northwest Regional Sales Manager, Horticulture

Doug has been involved in the horticultural industry for the past 30 years at the distribution and manufacturing level. He owned and operated his own greenhouse business for twelve years which has provided him with the knowledge and the experience that can guide others in the horticultural field. Doug possesses a good vision both short term and long term for the success of T.O. Plastics' horticultural division. With his experience, knowledge, and drive for success within the horticultural industry and understanding customers’ growth and challenges, Doug will research to provide a solution that is mutually beneficial to our customer’s growth. He exhibits excellent core values and is widely respected in the horticultural industry.


Jessica Fleming

Southeast Regional Sales Manager, Horticulture

Jessica was born and raised in the Green Industry, where she grew up working alongside her father at his wholesale nursery. After acquiring her Bachelors degree from Florida State University she put her natural sales talents to use in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and fashion industries. After working in these industries, she realized her home and passion was rooted in the horticulture industry where she returned selling advertising to greenhouses throughout the Southeast. Jessica brings energy, experience and passion to excel in her new role here at T.O. Plastics. Jessica strives to learn her customers systems and needs while taking a customer center approach with her new sales territory.


Jared Rusch

Great Lakes Regional Sales Manager, Horticulture

Jared has been involved in the horticulture industry at the distribution level for more than 10 years. As a youth, his interest in horticulture began while helping on the family farm and working in the fields for a hybrid seed farm in his hometown. His breadth of industry product knowledge helps give him a keen insight on how to best meet his customers’ needs.

Leigh Ann

Leigh Ann Burbes

Central Regional Sales Manager, Horticulture

Leigh Ann has been in the horticulture industry for more than 16 years with experience in garden centers, landscape maintenance and design, as well as distribution. She started working in a local nursery/garden center and fell in love with the industry. After graduating from Mizzou with a B.S. in Plant Science with an emphasis in Landscape Design, Leigh Ann practiced as a landscape designer. Her most recent position prior to joining T.O. Plastics was as National Sales and Marketing Manager for a distributor in the Midwest. Her exceptional customer service and experience on the distribution level serve as a great resource to T.O. Plastic’s customers.


Noel Yan

Southwest Regional Sales Manager, Horticulture

Noel Yan has worked in the horticultural industry for the last 27 years with an emphasis on sales and sales management. He has had the pleasure working for some of the largest wholesale nurseries in California which have given him first hand experiences in production, propagation, operations, product development, sales and marketing as well as national key accounts. He has been responsible for selling young plant and finished plant programs to wholesale and commercial growers (horticultural/agricultural) in the Western US and has developed relationships with plant breeders from every continent. His most recent responsibilities were with a regional hard goods distributor with an emphasis on containers, media, film and greenhouse structures. Noel feels that the customer deserves our utmost respect and strives to make sure that he is offering the best solutions with the highest quality products available.


James Rowley

Northeast Regional Sales Manager, Horticulture

James has been a part of the professional horticultural industry for the last 23 years in both the Midwest and Northeast areas of United States. A Texas native, he spent his childhood and youth working with his grandparents and parents at both of their greenhouse and nursery operations before joining one of the largest distributors after college where he majored in Marketing and Finance at Sam Houston State University. He specializes in sales with an emphasis in product line expansion and new business creation. Most recently, his responsibilities were sales and distributor management for the leading peat moss and media company on the east coast. Currently residing in Delaware, James is excited to join the T.O. Plastics team.


Kevin Leen

Central Sales Manager, Medical

Kevin has over 35 years of experience with custom thermoformed plastic parts (both thin and heavy gauge). Working as a Custom Sales Rep for the past 23 years, his focus has been on custom medical and electronics packaging. He is very familiar with T.O.’s thermoforming capabilities and works closely with all departments to make sure all customer requirements are met.


Tom Priewe

West Coast Sales Manager, Medical

Tom brings a thorough understanding of the thermoforming process to T.O. Plastics with over 10 years of experience in custom thermoforming applications. Tom has an extensive background in sales, understanding of manufacturing in a thermoform environment, and a passion for both personal and professional growth. Having been exposed to multiple markets including food, consumer electronics, and the medical & life sciences industry; Tom is familiar with the quality requirements as well as the design aspects needed to allow for best-in-class packaging. Tom is dedicated to ensuring our customers’ expectations are met with the goal of exceeding them!


Joshua Dupuis

East Coast Sales Manager, Medical
Sales Manager, Industrial

Joshua has over 25 years of strong territory sales growth, combined with 5 years of custom thermoform manufacturing experience. He has extensive knowledge of our thermoforming processes, materials, and our customer’s quality goals. Joshua strives to become a trusted partner with our growing customer base with a collaborative technical approach.

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Meet the Customer Service Team


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