How our Customer First mentality drives our mission, vision and values

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At T.O. Plastics we strive to be unified in our purpose. To create unity, everyone is encouraged to follow our mission, vision, and values at all times.

Our mission statement is, “To delight and serve our customers by providing innovative thermoform solutions”. We strongly emphasize customer care at our company and do this by truly understanding our end customers along with partnering with great customers. We continuously strive for operational excellence, in our day-to-day operations and our company as a whole. We are vertically integrated meaning we have very diverse capabilities for production. In order to accomplish our mission statement, we ask employees to be responsive, agile, and passionate in everything they do.

Our vision statement describes our ultimate goal as a company, "To be viewed as a best-in-class manufacturer and a great place to work". In order to be a great place to work, T.O. Plastics must foster an atmosphere of inclusiveness and stability as well as create opportunities for employees. We promote an environment where people thrive and have respectful relationships. We encourage employee engagement and feedback at all levels throughout the organization.

Our goal is to produce a defined portfolio of products and services while being a leader in environmental health. We continue to produce results that exceed our customers’ expectations which is now even easier with our Customer-Centric Process. Expanding constantly, we are focused on selling to growing markets. Through it all, we promote safety over everything.

Safety is the most important part of our values - Safety First. “Arrive safe. Be safe. Leave safe.” Our values we live by can be summarized by the acronym G.R.I.T.

  • Great People: We seek out hardworking, collaborative, and passionate people with entrepreneurial spirit. Every person is valued and contributes to our success.
  • Results: Winning performance through ongoing continuous improvement activities and strong strategic execution. We strive for excellence and perform with pride.
  • Integrity: We operate in an honest, ethical manner and always strive to do the right things.
  • Tenacity: We perform our roles with drive, perseverance, and have an unquenched thirst for achieving excellence.

T. O. Plastics is led by a leadership team of 7 people. Headed up by the president of T.O. Plastics, Mike Vallafskey, the group consists of employees from every division of the company including: Finance, Marketing & Sales, Human Resources, Logistics, Operations, and Engineering. This team does a great job leading our company of over 170 employees. They keep everyone focused on the Mission, Vision, and Values of the company as a whole.


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