Introducing Our 2 Quart, 5.5’’ Square Pots and Carry Trays

T.O. Plastics is pleased to unveil the newest addition to our extensive line of square plant pots and carry trays: 2 quart, 5.5’’ Innovative Growing System

We designed the new 2 quart,5.5’’ square pots and trays to meet the specific needs cited by growers during our conversations with them. Two requests came up over and over again – better drainage and an integrated tag slot.

Our 2 quart,5.5’’ square pots fulfill both requirements and some! Nine strategically placed drain holes, some raised and some recessed, allow the soil within the pots to dry down properly. Specialty integrated feet combined with the detailed bi-level drain holes maximize drainage.

We also incorporated important advancements into the new square pot carry trays to facilitate dry down and improve ease of use:

  • A ridge along the inside bottom of the tray allows the pots to sit above water as it drains out
  • Dual-cell lift features raise the bottom of the tray, with holes allowing airflow to the pots
  • Innovative automation grooves constructed on the bottom of the tray allow for multi-tray handling
  • A raised divider down the middle of the tray provides added stability, with the tray capable of carrying up to 35 pounds
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Five Core Values, a Mission and Our Vision Make our Company – and our Custom Thermoforming – Even Stronger

We have a rich history of partnering with our customers to bring the best possible solutions to market while exceeding their every expectation along the way. We do this by tapping into our nearly 70 years of thermoforming experience and recognizing our customer’s wants and needs.  Our customers are very loyal to T.O. Plastics, and the outstanding thermoformed products we provide are a key reason for that.

Our dedicated design and engineering resources, custom manufacturing capabilities and exceptional customer service is another major factor that draws companies back to T.O. Plastics for all of their thermoforming needs, whether for Horticultural, Life Sciences,or Industrial.

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Shining a Light on our Life Sciences (Medical) Thermoforming Expertise

Our proprietary line of horticultural products gets a lot of attention - SureRoots® and our Open Bottom trays are well-known names across the industry. 

What’s not talked about so much is the great custom thermoforming work we do in the Life Sciences (Medical) sectors, and that’s basically a function of the work itself.

Most of our projects are highly confidential, and we’re unable to share details of the superior medical device packaging we manufacture for our customers or share our customers’ satisfaction with the product we provide. That’s just how custom thermoforming works in the Life Sciences (Medical) field.

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Proprietary & Custom Thermoformed Products, 100% American Made

We’re proud of a lot of things here at T.O. Plastics: our commitment to quality, our exceptional customer service, our industry-leading proprietary horticultural productsand custom thermoformed packaging.

Bu there’s one point of pride that sets us even further ahead of our competitors: our products are 100% American made. Period.

Some manufacturers say they deliver American-made products, while much of the work is done offshore using non-U.S. raw materials.

We, on the other hand, work with local vendors to ensure we’re using American-made raw materials to thermoform all of the products at both of our Minnesota facilities.

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T.O. Plastics Donates Planting Pots and Trays for Green Classroom Initiative

This spring we partnered up with the Collins Brothers, Russell and Garette, and donated 1,800 square pots and 90 matching carry trays to Peace by Peace, a Florida-based plant nursery and peace movement that supplies indoor air-purifying plants to school students.

The first set of T.O. Plastics’ square pots went to 15 students in Christina Bise's kindergarten class at Discovery Elementary School in Deltona, FL, on March 8. “The students were very excited to have their own organic indoor air purifying plants to take care of and learn from,” Collins said. 

For the full story click here! 

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T.O. Plastics gets results at Cultivate '16 trade show

Cultivate '16 featured more than 600 exhibitors and attracted 10,000 attendees from all 50 states and 24 countries. "The Cultivate show is the largest and most important annual show for our horticulture business segment," said President Mike Vallafskey. "It's the only place in the United States where we see all the major players in the industry when it comes to equipment, services, structures, and products."

In previous years we used the Cultivate show as a platform to display our products and support our distribution channels. "This year we changed our mindset, transforming the show into a selling-and-order-writing platform," said Vallafskey. The shift in focus paid off.

"Cultivate '16 was a big success," said National Sales and Strategic Business Development Manager Doug Laubenstein. "Changing our strategy to a selling venue produced excellent results in new sales to both domestic and international customers. Many other opportunities are now on the table as a result of Cultivate '16."

We focused on meeting with high-quality customers, including distributors and growers, to showcase several new and innovative products--called "purple cows" because of our unique, stand-out features that differentiate us from other products on the market: 

  • A prototype of a 128-cell vegetable tray for primary use in Mexico yet gaining awareness in the United States for use in hydroponic growing environments.
  • An 84-cell propagation tray with a unique square, open-bottom drainage system.
  • A 10-count 4.25-inch round pot carry tray specifically designed for American Farms in Naples, Florida.
  • An expanded Sure Roots® Elite series of plug trays targeting the bedding plant and propagative segments of the industry.

Face-to-face time with clients and potential customers at Cultivate '16 and other trade shows is crucial for building lasting relationships, expanding profits, and attracting new business. "We participate in more than 20 trade shows annually and continually strive to introduce original solutions for our customers that exceed their expectations," said Vallafskey. "We have a talented team and continue to build on this strength with new, energized, and driven industry professionals."

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Welcome to our new web site

We're proud to announce the launch of our completely reimagined corporate website, specifically designed to allow customers and prospects to more quickly access the information they need.

An important element of the new site is its responsive design, which allows visitors to easily view information on smartphones and tablets.

We've also employed a flat navigation structure, meaning you can get to the details you want in fewer clicks. And we've got more in-depth information on our major product lines,including:

Select a link to view our new site and learn more about T.O. Plastics or find a sales rep or distributor to order the products you need.

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T.O. Plastics advised FIRST LEGO League team

On February 5th, 2016 seven homeschooled students ages 9 to 14 and an adult coach toured our plant in Otsego, Minnesota, to learn how thermoformed plastic packaging is produced. Calling themselves the FLL Minions, this team of students is participating in the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) competition, a worldwide program that challenges students to research a real-world problem and to develop a solution by applying science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts.

This year's FLL challenge, called Trash Trek, is to identify a problem with the way trash is handled and learn about it. The FLL Minions decided to research how to reduce waste created by cardboard pizza boxes. They learned that pizza boxes create a lot of trash; 3 billion boxes are thrown away every year. And, in most places, they are not recyclable because they are contaminated by food and grease. Team members reached out to local pizza shop owners, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the County Health Department, a pizza expert and pizza tour guide in New York City, and more than 1,700 pizza customers via a worldwide online survey. "They wanted to find a way to continue to enjoy one of their favorite foods but decrease the carbon footprint related to using cardboard boxes," said one of the team's adult coaches. The FLL Minions' solution: reusable, recyclable pizza boxes.

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