2022 Horticulture Tradeshow / Events Schedule


We look forward to industry events in the same way we anxiously awaited show-and-tell in elementary school, for the very same reasons. Expos and trade shows are one of the best ways to showcase our suite of horticulture containers to growers, buyers, and everyone in between. It's a great opportunity for customers - existing and prospective - to get hands on our products and truly grasp the quality and craftsmanship we put into both the design and manufacturing. 

Below is our ever-evolving event calendar for 2022; we hope to see you at one of the shows! But, if these aren't in your plans for the year, please explore our online product library and request samples of those you'd like to get your hands on. 

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2022 Horticulture Events Calendar

January 4-5: Mid-Ohio Growers Meeting
Mt. Hope, OH
Who will be there? Sam

January 5-7: Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show
Baltimore, MD
Who will be there? Jared, James

February: Chesapeake Green 2022
Who will be there? James

July 16-19: Cultivate'22
Columbus, OH

August 17-18: Carlin Buyerfest
West Bend, WI

August: Tessman Buying Show & Hort Academy
Minneapolis, MN 

August/September: 2022 BFG Supply Co. Expo(s)

September: 2022 Griffin Expo

September: 2022 BWI Expo

October: CFGW Conference

October 5-6: Canadian Greenhouse Conference
Niagara Falls, Ontario (CA)

November 15-18: MJBizCon
Las Vegas, NV

November| San Diego Farm Bureau
San Diego, CA

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