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State-of-the-Art Kiefel KMD 90 Former

TO Plastics-201

Our most recent addition to equipment includes the KMD 90 Speedformer. This thermoformer from Kiefel is top of the line and has allowed us to produce larger production runs. Along with: 

  • Reduced cycle times
  • Quality repeatability 
  • Sophisticated robotics to aid accuracy and efficiencies 
  • Clean, burr-free parts utilizing the "KISS CUT" system
  • Quick tooling changeover

The KMD 90 has internal forming, cutting and stacking stations along with upper and lower heaters including automatic temperature control. This minimizes the number of people needed to man the machine and has increased our efficiency due to its highly automated process.

TO Plastics-184TO Plastics-195

TO Plastics-181





The precision of this KMD 90 machine allows us to use in-expensive steel rule dies for trimming burr free, in-line. We can now produce large quantities of custom parts in a timely manner. It can produce a maximum surface of 890 mm x 940 mm and a maximum height of 160mm.

The Kiefel maximizes output and efficiency and has already helped advance the company in the short amount of time that we have used it.

The Kiefel KMD 90 is located in a Class 8 Cleanroom. Our Otsego facility is 13485:2016 & 9001:2015 certified. 

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