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Square Pot Carry Trays

T.O. Plastics square pot plastic carry trays are made of 100% recycled resins to create a durable, environmentally responsible horticulture product that you can depend on. For added ease and efficiency, these plastic carry trays can be paired with our square plant pots for a simple, efficient potting system.

You can get an extra boost in your efficiency by using T.O. Plastics’ innovative Press-Fill System to load your carry trays. This simple system allows you to load the necessary number of pots into a tray all at the same time, instead of placing each pot individually. Our Press-Fill System can save you up to 88% in labor time and costs. Standard colors for square pot carry trays are black, green, and terra cotta. Custom co-extruded colors are available upon request. Call for information on color availability.

View our Plant Pots and Carry Trays Ordering Guide to identify the correct quantities, and contact a T.O. Plastics sales rep or one of our distributors  to place your horticulture product order.

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Square Pot Carry Trays

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705110C SPT-250-36-PF
705115C SPT-325-12-PF
705119C SPT-325-18-PF
705125C SPT-325-20-PF




705142C SPT-400-15-PF
705144C SPT-400-20-PF
705150C SPT-450-10-PF
705155C SPT-450-12-PF
705160C SPT-450-12-HW