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Regional Inserts and Flats

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Over the last 60 years, we've become a horticultural market leader in plastic plant trays, pots and containers by working closely with our customers and responding to their needs. We continue to improve and expand our product line to bring new T.O. Plastics plant trays and containers, including regional favorites, to the marketplace.

View our Flats and Inserts Compatibility Guide to help you order the correct quantities or contact a T.O. Plastics sales rep or one of our distributors to place your horticulture product order.

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Regional Inserts and Flats

Product Code

Product Description

771501C EC-CTF-R-8
771511C EC-CTF-R-12
771520C EC-NJF
771522C EC-NJF-R-8
771601C EC-CTI-803
771611C EC-CTI-804
771621C EC-CTI-806LC
771623C EC-CTI-806
771631C EC-CTI-1201
771636C EC-NJI-803-STRIP
771638C EC-NJI-803
771640C EC-NJI-804
773125C WCI-606
773130C WCI-1506


773150C WCI-904