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Propagation Trays

Better Results Through Engineering.

T.O. Plastics’ horticulture products line includes a large variety of durable growing trays, including propagation trays, sheet pots and liner trays. Our propagation trays are engineered with optimum cell sizes for greater soil capacity and community watering channels to prevent dry cells.

All of T.O. Plastics' growing trays are designed to de-nest easily, saving you time and effort! T.O. Plastics’ propagation trays are ideal for a variety of plants, including blueberries, tomatoes, peppers and strawberries.

Contact a T.O. Plastics sales rep or one of our distributors for assistance in placing your propagation tray order.

Note: Although T.O. Plastics makes every effort to provide and maintain accurate specifications for its horticulture products listed on this website, we cannot accept responsibility and will not be held liable for any loss or damage incurred from use of the information.

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Propagation Trays

Product Code

Product Description

725600C PROP-24-DP-HW
725601C PROP-38-RD
725602C PROP-50-RD
725606C PROP-510-STRIP-RD
725607C PROP-72-RD
725610C PROP-98-RD
725611C PROP-72-SQ




725616C PROP-50-SQ-DC
725617C PROP-60-SQ-HW-DC
725618C PROP-72-SQ-DC
725622C PROP-78-SQ
725623C PROP-78(3X26) -STRIP-SQ
725624C PROP-78(6X13) -STRIP-SQ