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T.O. Plastics, Pie Plant Introduce Two New Plant Trays

Plant Loaf, Muffin Tray leverage Plant Pie growing system for healthier plants, easy installation

CLEARWATER, Minn. (August 5, 2013) - T.O. Plastics has partnered with the inventor of Plant PieTM to launch two new innovative plant trays that leverage the success of the original Plant Pie growing system to provide more options for greenhouse wholesalers, garden centers, landscapers and home gardeners.

The new 11" Plant Loaf is designed for easy planting of window boxes and rectangular planters. The new Muffin Tray, measuring 11"x21" with eight 4" muffin cells, enables larger plant groupings. Like the original Plant Pie, these plastic growing trays offer advantages for both the professional grower and home gardener.

The Plant Loaf and Muffin Tray enable greenhouses and garden centers to combine and sell plant groupings that are easy for home growers and landscapers to install.

The original 8" and 11" Plant Pies have a patent-pending product design that fosters astonishing, robust root generation. The new Plant Loaf and Muffin Tray feature the same revolutionary design, with an innovative drainage system that pushes the plant's roots to grow laterally to fill the container. This results in plants with much healthier root systems, that have a long shelf life and that are easy to grow, handle and ship. 

The Muffin Tray also addresses issues that arise from growing plants in multi-cell trays. The Muffin Tray features an innovative design that directs water off the surface of the tray and into the plant cells as well as top-surface ventilation that provides upward air flow.

For landscapers and home gardeners, the new Muffin Tray and Plant Loaf offer several advantages. These plant trays take the guesswork out of creating appropriate plant groupings and determining plant spacing, providing faster, easier installation. All Plant Pie trays are designed for easy planting. The plastic plant tray is pressed into the soil contained in a decorative pot, window box, or in the ground, creating an indentation and the plants are simply removed from the Plant Pie tray, dropped into the indentation made in the soil, covered and watered. Because the Plant Pie system creates roots that spread throughout the soil in the container, the plants and soil are easy to remove in one piece. No time is wasted digging individual holes or handling plants that can't be easily removed from their containers. 

Both the Plant Loaf and Muffin Tray are made from 100% reclaimed plastic and are recyclable after use. The plant trays are manufactured exclusively at T.O. Plastics' thermoforming facility in Clearwater, Minn., and are distributed through T.O. Plastics distributors.

In addition to manufacturing Plant Pie products, T.O. Plastics produces its own line of proprietary plastic plant trays and pots. The company, founded in 1948, got its start as a manufacturer of refrigerator parts for the company known today as Frigidaire. Besides its horticulture products, T.O. Plastics offers custom thermoforming capabilities to customers in industrial, electronics, medical and recreation markets.

For assistance sourcing Plant Pie products or other thermoformed plastic parts, contact T.O. Plastics at (763) 558-5502.

TM Plant Pie is a trademark of Plant Pie Company