Industrial Products and Packaging

Custom Plastic Enclosures

T.O. Plastics has the design expertise and industry knowledge to engineer and manufacture the custom plastic enclosures that meet your demanding specifications.

Offering a maximum mold size of 55"W x 82"L x 20"D or 42"W x 80"L x 34"D, our returnable packaging is nest-able and durable. Because the dunnage we engineer is also stackable, each tote forms the lid for the container below, so you don’t have to source a separate lid.

Backed by comprehensive tooling and thermoforming capabilities, we’re able to develop solutions for diverse applications, such as:

  • Protective hoods for lawn equipment
  • Belt guards on mowers
  • POP displays
  • Agricultural components
  • Housing enclosures for milkshake machines

We offer a wide range of materials (styrene, ABS, polyethylene, polycarbonate, PET, PVC, acrylics), including plastics that provide high heat resistance and deflection as well as outstanding weatherability and UV resistance to withstand the toughest environmental challenges. Conductive, static dissipative and anti-static materials are also available.

Our custom product design and in-house tooling capabilities allow our innovative design team to work with you from initial concept through prototyping to production to ensure you get the best custom plastic enclosures for your application, on time and on budget.

T.O. Plastics’ thermoforming production capabilities also include:

  • CAD (using the latest version of Solidworks)
  • Cleanroom manufacturing
  • In-line trimming, steel rule, heated forged or matched metal dies
  • In-line and off-line custom packaging and label application
  • HEPA Booth/Ionized air cleaning
  • Heavy gauge forming .060" - .375"
  • Twin sheet & pressure forming capabilities
  • Max mold sizes: 55"W x 82"L x 20"D and 42"W x 80"L x 34"D
  • 5-Axis CNC routing
  • Gluing and solvent bonding
  • Packaging, pack-out and assembly operations

We offer precision finishing and burr-free trim with heated forged dies or line rule dies to create the look and feel your product requires. Our quality control professionals can read surface conductivity of parts produced, and our state-of-the-art measuring equipment ensures the finished product meets your exacting specifications.

Our closed-loop production processes support sustainable manufacturing, including extrusion of thin-gauge or thick-gauge roll stock, thermoforming and reprocessing of scrap.

If you’re looking for a responsive custom thermoforming team with the dedication and expertise to meet your most demanding requirements, you’re looking for T.O. Plastics. 

Contact us today for the cost-efficient, durable plastic enclosures you need.