Custom Thermoformed Solutions

Plastic Enclosures, Products and Packaging to Your Specifications

Whether you need medical tray or clamshell packaging, static dissipative electronics packaging, custom electrical and electronic enclosures, vehicle components or other thermoformed plastic products, T.O. Plastics has the experience and expertise to design, manufacture and deliver your parts on time and on budget.

Comprehensive Thermoforming Production Capabilities

  • In-line cleanroom thermoforming, inspection and packaging areas
  • Cleanroom thermoforming for large medical device trays up to 84’’ in length
  • In-line burr-free trimming, steel rule, heated forged or matched metal dies

  • In-line and off-line custom packaging and label application

  • Thin-gauge thermoforming and heavy-gauge thermoforming from .0075”-.375”

  • Expertise in a number of plastics materials, including styrene, ABS, polyethylene, polycarbonate, PET, PVC, acrylics, anti-static plastics, static dissipative and conductive materials

  • Capable of reading surface conductivity of parts produced
  • HEPA booth/ionized air cleaning
  • 5-axis CNC routing
  • Product engineering, tooling and 3D printing

T.O. Plastics’ advanced capabilities make us best suited to assist our customers with their custom plastic enclosures, products and packaging solutions in the medical, consumer, electronic, Industrial and recreational industries

In-house Sheet Extrusion

We work closely with our customers to assure we meet their specific material requirements and extrude our own roll stock & sheet extrusion to meet the demand for high-quality packaging and thermoformed products.  Additionally, T.O. Plastics produces made-to-order truckload quantities of high-impact polystyrene and ABS roll stock.

Contact a T.O. Plastics sales rep or fill out our form to discuss your custom thermoforming or plastic sheet needs.