Welcome Spring with Us at CAST 2020

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Spring has sprung! Or at least it feels that way for us - for two reasons: 

  1. With headquarters in Minnesota, we celebrate any temperatures over 40 after our long winters - and we've been gifted a handful of these days recently. But, more importantly...
  2. The California Spring Trials (CAST) are right around the corner!

The changing of the seasons is always exciting - but Spring for us is extra special. The days are getting longer, the temperatures warmer, the air fresher, the sun warmer - and best of all, nature comes to life with a vengeance. And we get to be among the newest plant varieties and latest industry insights for a whole week while participating in the California Spring Trials.

California Spring Trials 2020

California Spring Trials

This annual event is hosted at 14 different locations across the state of California, starting March 28 and ending April 1. Each location has a unique combination of exhibitors showcasing their latest and greatest plants, signage, packaging, merchandising, and more. 

We will be located at Greenfuse Botanicals from 8 AM - 5 PM each day, in Santa Paula, CA, alongside the following:

If you are attending, connect with our team to talk time-tested plant trays and pots that optimize timelines and reduce costs.

Featured Products

We're excited to showcase our products once again this year; here are just a few to give you a preview:


1020 Standard Flats

Our 1020 standard flats are sturdy, yet lightweight, and combine perfectly with our standard inserts to achieve an efficient filling, growing and planting system.


72 Star Open Bottom Plug Trays

Our star plugs are perfect for optimizing on large quantities of seeds while constrained to a limited amount of space. 


78 Open Bottom Propagation Tray

These 100% open bottom trays are available in three configurations; they are strong for stacking and feature tray splitting options. 


Tag Slot Systems

All the value of our standard square pots and press-fill system, with the added benefit of durable slots to accommodate product identification tags on the pot. 

If you aren't planning to be in California for this event, please connect with us at any time to learn more about our products.

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