Proprietary & Custom Thermoformed Products, 100% American Made

We’re proud of a lot of things here at T.O. Plastics: our commitment to quality, our exceptional customer service, our industry-leading proprietary horticultural productsand custom thermoformed packaging.

Bu there’s one point of pride that sets us even further ahead of our competitors: our products are 100% American made. Period.

Some manufacturers say they deliver American-made products, while much of the work is done offshore using non-U.S. raw materials.

We, on the other hand, work with local vendors to ensure we’re using American-made raw materials to thermoform all of the products at both of our Minnesota facilities.

American-made claims are so prevalent that new customers’ eyes gloss over a bit when we mention it. But, once they hear that our raw materials are also American-made, they sit up and take notice.

Our customers understand the value of truly American-made products. We believe that keeping sourcing and manufacturing local provides a greater level of control and accountability, which contributes to the high level of quality evident in all of our thermoforming.

It also makes for great customer service, since our plants are within a 30-minute drive of each other, and we have similarly quick access to our raw materials suppliers. Our customersunderstand and appreciate the extra level of attention that our approach provides.

When you hear someone at T.O. Plastics say our products are 100% American made, you know that it’s true and that it’s not going to change. We’re very proud of that and take it very seriously.

Contact us today to learn more – by phone at (320) 558-2407 or by email via this simple online form.

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