T.O. Plastics Receives Safety Awards

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Safety first is our leading core value. And we work hard every day to promote workplace safety and protect every employee’s well-being. We're honored to have this work recognized with the 2018 Gold Safety Award by Liberty Mutual Insurance. Liberty Mutual Insurance is the workers’ compensation insurer for Otter Tail Corporation’s manufacturing platform.

Workplace Safety Measurements: DART Rate

The Gold Safety Award is presented to companies that have a DART rate 80% better than their peer group and is based on logging a minimum of 200,000 production labor hours. DART stands for injuries leading to days away, restricted, or transferred as per OSHA standards. We recorded no DART incidences in 2018 achieving a DART rate of 0.0 for the year!


Workplace Safety Measurements: Total Case Rate

Additionally, Otter Tail Corporation awarded us a Safety Award for achieving the best safety performance in 2018 as measured against OSHA TCR (total case rate). Of the five Otter Tail businesses, we had the lowest recordable incident rate: a TCR rate of 1.7, and worked 7.5% more hours from the previous year.

Workplace Safety Awards


In 2018 we recorded just 3 incidents, a record low for the business. Our goal for 2019 is to achieve a Total Case Rate (TCR) of less than 4.0 and DART of less than 1.7.


Safety First, Always

We want all employees to feel safe in our work environment, therefore, safety is our number one priority as evidenced by the Executive Team involvement in continuous improvement activities. Each of our Executives owns a Safety Charter including cross functional employee engagement to drive improved behaviors and environmental awareness. Strong safety performance has a direct correlation to peak operational performance thus the significance of attention and desire to provide a safe and welcoming work environment for all employees and visitors of T.O. Plastics.

We’re working hard to transform our business into a Best-In-Class performer, and this begins with safety.

Arrive safe. Be Safe. Leave safe.

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