Environmentally friendly doesn't have to mean plastic free

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We live in an environmentally friendly world that stresses a sustainable lifestyle and we do our best to embody that sustainable spirit. Yes, everything we make is plastic but here are 5 reasons why you can buy our products and still have peace of mind about the environment:

1. We regrind our scraps and extrude it into new product

We are a vertically integrated company. This means we produce our own roll stock and then use that roll stock to create our products. The process of extrusion starts from plastic pellets that are melted and extruded to form sheets of plastic. When there are scraps throughout the thermoforming process, we re-grind them and start the process over meaning we reuse everything! 

2. Our products are recyclable 

Our horticulture containers are recyclable. After customers are done using our square pots, plug trays, propagation trays or whatever they might be, they can be recycled when our customer undergo’ s the correct recycling process.

3. We use recycled material in our horticulture containers

We pride ourselves in making plastic products made from recycled material that is used in our innovative horticulture product offerings.

4. We help preserve nature

The plastic products we sell are to help new plants grow! Plastic pots are the easiest and cheapest way to grow plants. Our plastic horticulture containers are reliable and top quality. They ensure that your plants will be healthy and uniform when growing. We love plants and want to make it easier for you to grow them!

5. Made in the USA

Our products are 100% made in the USA. This means we have complete control over the whole process. We want to know what goes in our products so we can guarantee that it is top quality. By extruding our own rolls in the same facility that we thermoform at, we ensure that the quality we start with is the same quality we finish with.