4 ways to save money by using plastic instead of metal

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Metal has been a top choice in many industries for decades due to its time-tested performance, but plastic is being considered as an alternative option for enclosures and products alike. Here are 4 reasons why plastic should be a great material option of choice over metal, not only in the medical world but for all your custom plastic needs. 

1. Production time is faster

Time is money, and we want to help you save both! Producing plastic is faster due to the simplicity of the process and ease of transportation compared to metal. Metal manufacturing is very labor intensive, meaning the process is slowed down by the material alone. Metal is not easily customizable compared to plastic which can be easily modified in the process. The process of plastic thermoforming is more controlled creating better quality products more regularly than metal manufacturing. In metal manufacturing, the complexity of the process causes irregularities more often than in the plastic manufacturing process.

2. Product life can be longer

Plastic is less likely to become damaged from chemical due to its chemical resistance over metal.

3. Transportation price

Metal itself is heavier meaning it will cost more to ship. When choosing your material, you need to consider all factors not just the product alone. Plastic is easier to transport for packing, carrying, and shipping reasons. Plastic is a budget friendly option when comparing overall freight costs.

4. Less secondary operations

Plastic manufacturing, especially thermoforming, comes off the line ready to use. In the case of metal, it often needs finishing or polishing after the fact. This costs more not only in supplies, but also in time. Plastic thermoformed products can come in multiple colors and finishes making the product not only useful but also visually appealing.