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CLEARWATER, MN - We're adding a new flat to our product suite, and an extra to our current extra extra heavy-weight flat to give growers a maximum stability and durability option. The extra extra extra heavy weight flat (also known as XXX heavy weight) offers 3 times the strength of standard flats in the market. 

710254C-XXX-Heavy-Weight-FlatThe XXX heavy weight flat (#710254C) is perfect for carrying plants around the greenhouse. You can pack it full of planted inserts and pots and trust that it won't bend or give out mid-transport. It is also ideal for growing microgreens, hydroponics, and all germination needs.

Put the XXX Heavy Weight Flat to the Test

The gauge (weight/thickness) of the material we thermoform to create the XXX heavy weight flat provides a sturdiness previously unavailable in a 1020 flat. We've tested its strength with a 35-pound cinder block, and it performed admirably. Void of bowing and weakness, we're confident this tray can support the weight of your plants. 


While this flat is new to our line-up, it falls in line with the rest of our products designed to pair with our 1020 flats. It is available with and without holes, and compatible with our standard 1020 inserts and clear domes.

Our 1020 Standard Flat Product Suite

Our Standard Flats line consists of our 1020 standard flats (#710251C) that are available with and without holes. We also offer this same product in heavy weight (#710240C) and extra extra heavy weight (#710249C) versions for more durability.

1020 Standard Flats

*min run requirement for the 1020 - XXHW & XXXHW is 2 pallets

With the extra extra extra heavy weight flat (#710254C) added to this product suite, we are confident one of our flats is up to the challenge of supporting your plant growth and transportation. 

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