Shining a Light on our Life Sciences (Medical) Thermoforming Expertise

Our proprietary line of horticultural products gets a lot of attention - SureRoots® and our Open Bottom trays are well-known names across the industry. 

What’s not talked about so much is the great custom thermoforming work we do in the Life Sciences (Medical) sectors, and that’s basically a function of the work itself.

Most of our projects are highly confidential, and we’re unable to share details of the superior medical device packaging we manufacture for our customers or share our customers’ satisfaction with the product we provide. That’s just how custom thermoforming works in the Life Sciences (Medical) field.

But we can talk about the reasons we’re able to keep our Life Sciences (Medical) customers satisfied, such as:

·         Our focus on custom thermoforming and custom manufacturing solutions

·         Our capabilities in thin and thick gauges (from 7.5 mil to 0.5” if necessary) – unique among thermoformers, which usually specialize in either thin or thick

·         Our in-house design and tooling

We also have extensive expertise in thermoforming a wide range of materials (such as styrene, ABS, PETG, anti-static plastics and static dissipative and conductive materials) in lengths up to 84” (for specialty items like catheter trays) and in performing inline packaging and inspections, all in a cleanroom environment.

We’re also equally adept at meeting customer needs, no matter the size of the project or of the customer. Our client base extends from small medical start-ups to major well-known names in the global Life Sciences (Medical) fields.

Our customers know they can rely on T.O. for more than just our custom thermoforming. With years of industry experience under our collective belt, we understand their needs and can provide critical advice in areas like design conversion and material selection.

All of these advantages, combined with T.O.’s renowned dedication to quality and customer service, keep our Life Sciences (Medical) customers coming back year after year. They know they can rely on us to provide the services they need when they need them at a price they can afford.

A good example is our recent turn-around on four new production tools, which we were able to deliver with just four weeks’ lead time, which is half of what most thermoformers require. The customer was pleased to get the first-off tool samples so quickly and is preparing to move on to the next steps. Going the extra mile is all part of the service T.O. provides.

But we’re not satisfied to just rest on our laurels. T.O. is constantly innovating and developing new ideas and capabilities (such as our long-term goal to extrude clear materials like PETG). We’re working hard to ensure we’ll continue to meet our customers’ needs well into the future.

To learn how T.O. can meet your Life Sciences (Medical) thermoforming needs, contact us today – by phone at (320) 558-2407 or via email using this form.

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