Five Core Values, a Mission and Our Vision

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We have a rich history of partnering with our customers to bring the best possible solutions to market while exceeding their every expectation along the way. We do this by tapping into our nearly 70 years of thermoforming experience and recognizing our customer’s wants and needs.  Our customers are very loyal to T.O. Plastics, and the outstanding thermoformed products we provide are a key reason for that.

Our dedicated design and engineering resources, custom manufacturing capabilities and exceptional customer service is another major factor that draws companies back to T.O. Plastics for all of their thermoforming needs, whether for Horticultural, Life Sciences ,or Industrial.

Our commitment to quality, our dedication to customer service and, really, everything we do every day here at T.O. Plastics are all defined and guided by our values, mission and vision:  

Our Values:

  • SAFETY FIRST: We promote workplace safety and will not compromise any employee well-being.  Arrive safe.  Be safe.  Leave Safe.
  • Great People:  We seek out hardworking, collaborative and passionate people with entrepreneurial spirit.  Every person is valued and contributes to our success.
  •  Results: Winning performance through ongoing continuous improvement activities and strong strategic execution, we will strive for excellence and perform with pride.
  • Integrity: We operate in an honest, ethical manner and will always strive to do the right things.
  • Tenacity:  We perform our roles with drive, perseverance and have an unquenched thirst for achieving excellence.

Our Mission – Why we exist, our purpose:

“We will delight and serve our customers by providing innovative thermoform solutions”

We will do this by:

  • Continuously striving for Operational Excellence.
  • Partnering with great customers.
  • Leveraging our vertically integrated and diversified capabilities.
  • Truly understanding our end customers.
  • Being responsive, agile, and passionate in all that we do.

Our Vision – What we strive to become:

“To be viewed as a best in-class manufacturer and a great place to work”

  • We build respectful relationships and create an environment where people thrive.
  • A leader in environmental health and safety practices & results.
  • High-levels of employee engagement throughout the organization.
  • Valued employees with higher skills and stronger training with well-defined career paths at every level in the organization.
  • Focused growth markets and defined portfolio of products and services that exceed our customer’s expectations.

If you’d like to see our core values in action and take advantage of our thermoforming expertise, contact us today – by phone at (320) 558-2407 or by email via this simple online form.