California Summer Trials 2021, Minnesota Style

In true 2020/2021 style, we are participating in the California Summer Trials at a more-than-safe distance...2000+ miles (in Minnesota). In 'normal' years we look forward to the trials with great excitement, showcasing our products alongside breeders and their new genetics (the true stars of the show). It's an event unlike any other in the industry, and we're always honored to be part of it. 

In the midst of a global pandemic, we're getting a little creative with our participation this year, while we cross our fingers and toes to be back in person in 2022. 

CAST 'Minnesota style' means virtual + short & sweet + entertaining + educational. We hope to provide a quick look at some of the products we would otherwise have showcased in our booth. Here's the short list so you can jump right to a product you're looking for; and, at the very end is a list of resources that may be helpful if you're looking for samples, product information, or order support. 


1 Quart Square Pot with Tag Slots & Companion Carry Tray

Our newly released 1-quart square pot (700162C) features tag slots on all four sides and pairs with a 10-count carry tray (705200C). The pot's tag slots are durable and seamless, while the carry tray's low profile allows for visibility of all branding types: hanging tags, adhesive tags, and stake tags.

Square Pot with Tag Slots

View Square Pot Specs | View Carry Tray Specs | Learn More About Product Set


1020 Flats

Standard 1020

We have a tray for nearly every growing purpose; options vary based on size, durability, drainage, and cost. You can view them all here, but these are a few of the favorites:

Our standard 1020 flat (710245C) is a staple tray for many, but it comes in many different variations to accommodate specific grower needs:


XX/XXX Heavy Weight Flats

Continuing the trend, the heavy weight flat is yet another option for consideration. Again, you have options here: XX or XXX, with or without holes.  


  • Extra, Extra Heavy Weight: 710248C
  • Extra, Extra Heavy Weight, No Holes: 710249C
  • Extra, Extra, Extra Heavy Weight: 710253C
  • Extra, Extra, Extra Heavy Weight, No Holes: 710254C 


Half Flat

As it's name suggests, this flat is half the size, measuring a perfect square at 10.13" x 10.13". And, it's available with or without holes


Open Bottom Trays

Exposing roots to the elements, our open bottom trays encourage optimal air root pruning. We have a set of plug trays with open bottoms, as well as propagation trays. Here's a quick reference guide for all our open bottom trays, and below are the fan favorites in each category: 

720490C-Plug-Tray-2021 725622C-Propagation-Tray
Open Bottom Plug Tray | 720490C 
Open Bottom Propagation Tray | 725622C


Growcoon Compatibility

And lastly, while we are on the subject of plug and propagation trays, we're excited to share our list of Growcoon-compatible trays. Download it here. The Growcoon is  wonderfully innovative and we're happy to share fits in a wide variety of our trays. 




If you're looking for more - information, ideas, product, etc. - here's a list of ways you can find it: 

And as always, our team is ready and happy to help as needed. Find your regional rep here:

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