Speaker Sneak Peek: The Inside Scoop on Medical Packaging Material 

With just a few days to go before Med Packed (our free virtual mini-conference), I'm excited to give you another sneak peek at a session focused solely on medical packaging material. As one of the key decisions when it comes to designing your package, we're excited to welcome a team from Tekni-Plex to dive deep into this subject. 

Read on to learn more about their plans for the presentation on Wednesday, and then make sure to reserve your virtual seat here. (Also check out the rest of the agenda and bonus perks available for attendees!)


About Tekni-Plex & the Speaking Duo

"A global leader in advanced plastic and rubber technology, Tekni-Plex engineers solutions to meet customer needs in critical applications that touch every aspect of life, from medical devices to food packaging." Their team of ~4,000 develops and manufactures "packaging materials, medical compounds and precision crafted medical tubing solutions" all over the world - Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Germany, India, Italy, Northern Ireland, and the US. 


The duo speaking at MedPacked - Andy & Adam - both work inside the Tekni-Plex Healthcare Packaging business segment where their main area of concentration is obviously, healthcare packaging. This includes medical devices, pharmaceuticals, veterinary applications, and more. One of Teckni-Films' differentiators is their focus on barrier materials, which are laminated films that offer added protection based on device/package requirements (storage, sterilization, etc.). 

Andy-Grote_BlogAndy Grote, speaker 1 of 2 in this session, spent his early career as an engineer, designing packaging and solving operational challenges. At Tekni-Plex these two areas of expertise merged as he manages Healthcare Packaging accounts; he collaborates with customer and internal teams to create solutions that meet requirements and solve challenges related to design, packaging, cost, operations, and more.

Adam-Gollnick_BlogAnd speaker 2 of 2: Adam Gollnick. Adam zeros in on materials used specifically for thermoformed packaging in the healthcare industry. This focused expertise combined with his prior experience in packaging development as an end user gives him a unique perspective and approach to material selection.

Now that I've established their expertise, let's give you a look inside what their session will contain...


The 4-1-1 on Medical Packaging Material

As you know, packaging isn't generally on the top of the priority list. It's definitely on the list, but it often gets brought up near the end of your development timeline, to be figured out quickly. We're hoping Med PackED provides some information to highlight the value and power of packaging within the context of your project, and hopefully we can bump it up a few notches on the priority list. 

And part of that subject is the material used to create your package; Andy and Adam are going to talk through some of the key components relative to material selection. They'll begin by laying out a successful design process used for medical device packaging, explaining the steps required and where material selection becomes important. 

Medical Packaging Material OptionsThen they'll provide an overview of the materials commonly used in medical device and healthcare packaging. Adam will talk specifically to thermoforming applications and barrier structures available in the industry. Andy will cover Tyvek and coated paper applications as well. 

They'll end with a case study that's sure to inspire some thought and discussion. To show you the potential of barrier structures and the value in assessing many packaging variations, Andy and Adam will share a story about how one customer was able to eliminate a foil pouch in their packaging system by moving their tray and die cut lid to a material that encompassed some barrier. You'll have to join us on Wednesday to learn the specifics about the efficiencies gained in this material swap story. Get it on your calendar by registering now

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