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What is Medical Grade Plastics?

Certified medical grade plastic material ideal for medical equipment, supplies, and devices used in the medical industries. 

Why is Medical Grade Plastics Important in the medical field?

Medical Grade Plastics is designed to handle frequent sterilization cycles to provide a sterile product suitable for medical procedures, while providing tough transparent packaging that is safe and ideal for transporting.

Top 3 Advantages of Medical Grade Plastics -

  1. Easy Sterilization –

         Ease of sterilization while repelling and killing dangerous bacteria.

  1. Safe Transportation –

          Medical grade plastics is durable and shatter-proof, which makes it a safe option              for transporting medical equipment.

  1. Greater Safety –

         Medical grade plastics also can ensure the safety and security that no foul play is             present in the medical packing or device being transported.

The advantages don't stop here. Contact us to learn more about Medical Grade Plastics. 

Medical Grade Plastics that T.O. Plastics carries

PETG – offer maximum product protection and a wide range of sealing & sterilization options. 

PC – offers high heat resistance, radiation stability and clarity. This material is strong and durable. Some grades are optically transparent. 

PVC – high density plastic that is extremely hard and generally very strong. It exhibits chemical resistance. 

ISO Certifications and Class 8 Cleanrooms

T.O. Plastics offers two Class 8 cleanrooms. With ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Processes and Standard Operating Procedures in place at our Otsego thermoforming facility, and ISO 9001:2015 Certification at our Clearwater thermoforming facility, we document all aspects of every job we produce and take  pride in our workmanship and in doing the job right the first time.


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