A Tribute to Minnesota Makers and the State We Call Home

Today we'd like to send a big 'thanks' and special shout out to all the Minnesota makers - HAPPY LABOR DAY! To all producers, creators, innovators, operators, and leaders, we celebrate your dedication, hard work, and accomplishments today and every day. And, in Minnesota, that dedication, hard work, and the resulting accomplishments are everywhere you look.

Today is a perfect day to reflect on why Minnesota fosters such a productive working culture. Myles Shaver, University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Business professor was interviewed in the Star Tribune on this subject, and he attributes this success to having people that know how to help grow successful companies. To that we raise our glasses and shout, "Hear, Hear!" 

  • Because of great people, 18 Fortune 500 companies were born in Minnesota.
  • Because of great people, those companies remain strong and prosperous in Minnesota
  • Because of great people, hundreds-of-thousands more companies were established in Minnesota.
  • Because of great people, the whole world gets to benefit from post-it notes, packaged cake, open heart surgery, and so much more that is created and built in Minnesota

Our state is rich with innovative products and solutions that support a healthy economy - and none of that is possible without your passion and commitment to your work. If that isn't something to celebrate, we don't know what is. 

Cue Our Minnesota Niceness

Our second shout out goes to the great state of Minnesota! In an annual ranking of the best states for making a living by MoneyRates, Minnesota placed 3rd. And, according to the World Population Review, Minnesota is the third best place to live in 2020. Their review really says it all:

"Minnesota has a strong economy and the affordability to live and play in a state full of art, culture, and entertainment. Minnesota’s busy big cities are among the cleanest and greenest in the nation, coupled with some of the friendliest people."

There is really something for everyone, here - on the job and off. Another article in the Star Tribune cites job satisfaction, positive work environments, strong values, a flourishing economy, diverse recreational activities, career growth opportunities, and variability in job options (in terms of culture, role, industry, location, and more) as reasons that make Minnesota a great place to work. 

To bring things a little closer to our home, we asked our employees what they like best about their work in this great state. Here's what a few of them had to say:

  • "I like working in Minnesota first of all because I am born and raised here, and my family is here. Secondly, central Minnesota had always had work opportunities for me. Lastly, I really enjoy the changes in the seasons and outdoor activities in each season." Scott K, Engineering Manager
  • "The best part of my job is learning set-ups and 3-day weekends!" Paige B, Roll Tender III
  • "I enjoy working with all departments in our company to secure new business. Teamwork needs to be good if we're going to be successful." Kevin L, Sales Manager
  • "I was blessed to grow up in MN and be able to experience the seasonal changes. It's always something I look forward to." Lisa M, Customer Service Representative
  • "I love when I get to fix something. [...] The best part of my job is knowing that something I did caused everything to work better." Chelsea K, Quality Engineer
  • "The part of my job I enjoy most is engaging with our customers and potential new clients. Learning about them personally, their programs, and seeing how we can support both." Thomas Priewe, Sales Manager

In all our responses, there was a strong tie to Minnesota - family, opportunity, community, and a great place to call home. And just about everyone is going to be taking advantage of the outdoors (while we still can!) for their Labor Day celebration - fishing, yard work, archery, and lake time are on their lists. 

Land of 10,000 Makes - Labor Day Blog 2020

We are a proud Minnesota manufacturer, honored to contribute opportunities to  Minnesota makers and count our self one among the many great companies built in this state. We're in great company!

The Land of 10,000+ Makes

We're known around the nation as the "Land of 10,000 Lakes", but as we look beyond our natural resources and look at the accomplishments of Minnesotan's, we become easily identifiable as the Land of 10,000 Makes

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In fact, Minnesota has over 500,000 businesses that call our great state home. That's 500,000+ products or services that make a difference in our world - locally, nationally, and globally. Over the next few months we're going to feature some of these Minnesota companies and the difference they are making in Minnesota and beyond. To follow along and be the first to know about opportunities to win cool Minnesota innovations, sign up today: 

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