5 reasons to Pick Thermoforming over Injection Plastic Molding

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What is thermoforming?The process of thermoforming plastics consists of heating a flat sheet of plastic and forming it into a shape using pressure or vacuum forming.

What is Injection molding? Forming plastic into shapes by heating up pellets into liquid and injecting it into a 2-part mold.

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Both injection and thermoforming are unique in their own way and here is why we believe thermoforming is a good option:

  1. More cost effective

Thermoforming only requires a one-sided production part whereas injection requires a two-part male and female mold which is more expensive. Thermoforming is ideal for production quantities of small to medium runs for heavy gauge thermoforming and medium to large quantity runs for thin gauge thermoforming. Within this spectrum, thermoforming is cheaper than injection molding per part produced when comparing all costs of materials and tooling.

2. Faster

The process of thermoforming takes nearly half the time that injection molding takes. From prototyping to production, a new thermoformed product can be completed in as little time as 10 weeks! Injection molding requires more time in both tooling and production.

3. Finishes

The thermoforming process produces a final product that can be used as soon as it is finished. Pieces formed by injection molding require paint or a special coating to be applied in order to be presentable. Thermoforming also offers multiple color, pattern, texture, and finish options when forming.

4. Size capabilities

Injection molding is used for smaller products, whereas thermoforming can produce larger products. T.O. Plastics has the capabilities to produce products from 1” to 82”. This makes us ideal for custom projects of all sizes. Bring us an idea and our team can help bring it to life.

5. Adaptability

Due to the process of thermoforming and only using a one-sided mold, it is easy to make adjustments. On the contrary, injection molding requires specific molds for each product. Not only can thermoformed plastic create the same quality as injection, it can also process thinner materials than injection molding can. T.O. Plastics specializes in both thin gauge and heavy gauge plastics.

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