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T.O. Plastics Timeline


Founded by Ted Ingersoll and Oren Beech, the "T.O." name is derived from the first letter of each of their names. T.O. Plastics thermoformed its first parts in the garage and basement of Oren's southwest Minneapolis home. 


The company outgrew Oren’s garage and basement, so they relocated the company to Bloomington, near what is now the Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport. T.O. offices were set up in an old schoolhouse, and an onion shed attached to the schoolhouse was used for the production area. Sometime in the 1950's a fire destroyed the operation. So that business could continue, a metal office building and Quonset structure were quickly erected. 


A modern thermoforming plant was added to the site. T.O. Plastics began thermoforming plastic refrigerator components for a St. Cloud company, Franklin Refrigeration, known today as Frigidaire. 

Because these refrigerator components were extremely bulky and difficult to ship, T.O. Plastics' Clearwater facility, which is now T.O.'s headquarters, was built specifically to service Franklin. T.O. continued to expand its product offerings and customer base, quickly earning a solid reputation in the marketplace for having outstanding quality and service.

During that time, T.O. Plastics also began thermoforming a wholesale line of plastic pots, plant trays, liner trays and plug trays for the horticulture industry. Today, T.O.'s proprietary horticulture plant tray and pot business is still growing and accounts for approximately 36% of the company's overall sales.

Late 1960s

T.O. Plastics goes public, selling stock to investors to raise capital. This funding created many opportunities that the company capitalized on in order to achieve growth.

Early 1980s

Ted and Oren retired, selling the business to Oren's nephew who took the company private once again.


T.O. Plastics was purchased by Chuck Goers and Denny Schultek. Under Chuck and Denny's leadership, the company's performance, sales and profits increased and the facility in Clearwater was expanded multiple times as new equipment was acquired.


T.O. Plastics was acquired by the Otter Tail Corporation (OTTR) of Fargo, North Dakota, and in the years since the acquisition, T.O. Plastics has grown in every measure: parts, people, facilities and sales.

Early 2009

In order to meet continued customer demand and to continue to foster the growth of the company, a portion of T.O.'s Clearwater operation was relocated to Otsego (30 miles north of Minneapolis). The 57,500 sq. ft. facility houses T.O.'s medical device packaging and electronics components operations. A portion of the company's custom in-line thermoforming production and off-line packaging businesses are also located in Otsego. The Otsego facility is ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 certified and has certified Class 8 clean rooms. Otsego facility is also AIB compliant.

This strategic move brought T.O. Plastics even closer to the Minneapolis - St. Paul business economy where many prominent medical device manufacturers are located. The manufacturing space in Otsego is part of a 150,000 sq. ft. building jointly leased with sister company BTD Manufacturing, which is also owned by the Otter Tail Corporation.


T.O. Plastics adds 3D printing capabilities.


As part of an ongoing commitment to provide customers with thermoformed packaging solutions and products of the highest quality, T.O. Plastics' Clearwater facility achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification.


T.O. Plastics currently employs approximately 135 people.