Custom Thermoformed Packaging and Products

Whether you are looking for sophisticated medical device packaging, thermoformed plastic trays, enclosures, panels or housings for electronics and industrial products, horticulture pots and trays, or plastic sheet, T.O. Plastics has the solution for you.

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custom solutions

T.O. Plastics designs and manufactures quality thermoformed products and packaging solutions for the medical and life sciences, industrial, recreation and electronics industries. We deliver outstanding performance in all areas of vacuum forming and thermoformed product development.

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Innovative Horticulture Products

With a complete line of innovative horticulture products, including our SureRoots® and SureRoots® Elite plug trays, square plastic pots, propagation trays, growing trays and more, T.O. Plastics offers the best combination of experience and technology for the young plant industry.

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Advanced Design & Production Capabilities

T.O. Plastics excels in product design and development, offering complete in-house design, engineering, prototyping, 3D printing and tooling services, enabling our customers to meet time-to-market deadlines while maintaining flexibility for product changes.

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