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Plant Pie containers are unique profit generators for growers, landscapers and retail garden centers. The Plant Pie, Plant Loaf, and Muffin Tray have become the most innovative products in horticulture today, due to their ability to produce incredibly healthy root systems.

Plant Pie brand containers save on soil and space, and hold flowers and other plants like no other plastic container on the market.

These plant trays take the guesswork out of creating appropriate plant groupings and determining plant spacing, providing faster, easier installation. All Plant Pie trays are designed for easy planting. The plastic plant tray is pressed into the soil contained in a decorative pot, window box, or in the ground, creating an indentation and the plants are simply removed from the Plant Pie tray, dropped into the indentation made in the soil, covered and watered. Because the Plant Pie system creates roots that spread throughout the soil in the container, the plants and soil are easy to remove in one piece.  No time is wasted digging individual holes or handling plants that can’t be easily removed from their containers.

The plant pies are also ideal for fairy gardens, succulent gardens, and mums. While the muffin tray serves as a great landscape flat for groundcovers and fall crops.

Simplicity with outstanding results.  It's easy as pie!

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