Innovative Horticulture Products

New Horticulture Products

T.O. Plastics is an innovative designer and manufacturer of horticulture products, including plastic plant pots, trays, flats and inserts for the greenhouse, propagation, nursery and retail markets.

Check out our newest products:

512CE No Trim Plug Tray - 720542C

Same features as the standard NET (no end trim) version, but with no edges on all sides. 100% vented to increase airflow and decrease disease pressures. V-shaped ribs from top-to-bottom to prevent root wrapping and add integrity to the cell. Adheres to the Common Element (CE) standards for automation.

5.5-Inch Square Pots - 700099C

  • Two-quart capacity, suitable for a wide range of horticulture applications
  • Detailed bi-level drain holes combined with specialty feet integrated to maximize drainage
  • Match with 705193C Carry Trays for a durable, innovative growing system

Square Pot Carry Trays - 705193C

  • Dual-cell lift features designed to increase airflow and prevent disease
  • Innovative automation grooves constructed on the bottom of the tray for multi-tray handling
  • Tray engineered to hold up to 35 lbs.

SureRoots® Pop-Bottom Tray - 720723C

A design that combines the dislodging feature of our landscape tray with the innovative low drainage Sure-Root 15. These combined features create an advanced plug tray for superior root development with the ease of transplanting.


SureRoots® Elite - 720778C

Designed with a flat top to advance plug tray performance by giving the tray improved beam strength.

Round pot carry trays - 755819c

Designed to fit with T.O. Plastics’ round pots and most major manufacturers’ standard round pots. It’s designed with rounded corners to reduce tearing of tray ends. The streamlined design allows for pot-to-pot set up, wasting no bench or rack space. It’s also designed with sloping sides to shed excess soil.

Round Pot Carry Trays - 755824C

Designed to increase height on the corner posts to accommodate automated (Pot) dispensers.  (Interior) pocket finger tabs with 2-inch bottom drain hole—to maximize drainage and accommodate capillary mat use. 


Regional Inserts - 771623C

This is a new Connecticut (CT) East Coast Series. The 806 insert is designed with full height cells to prevent root migration.


East Coast Flats - 771522C

This is a New Jersey (NJ) size 8 pocket tray designed to hold each insert pack. Its new design will provide better handling for the grower and retailer.

East Coast Flats - 771501C

Our 771501 Connecticut (CT) Flat is designed so flats can be prefilled & stacked with the new bottom design.

Propagation Trays - 725624C

Designed with square, slightly tapered cells and 100% open bottom. This open bottom design allows for 100% drainage and 100% air pruning, which will generate twice as many roots and increase root tips. This allows the grower to hold the plants longer with no twisting, making it much easier to pull and transplant. The design of the cell and open bottom gives the plant more roots, and because of the increased root tips and the way the roots are being grown it also extends the shelf life of the pot it’s being transplanted into—A big advantage for the guaranteed sales customers.

T.O. Plastics’ iHort Propagation Trays are strong for stacking and are available in 3 configurations that allow for unique tray splitting options. The 725624C is designed to split in 6 sections, 1x13.