Custom Thermoformed Packaging and Products

T.O. Plastics expands its 3D printing capabilities

Custom thermoformer’s investment supports 2015 growth goals

CLEARWATER, Minn. (December 4, 2014) – T.O. Plastics has expanded its 3D printing and scanning capabilities to improve the company’s efforts to provide fast turnaround on product design solutions for its customers and the custom thermoformer’s own proprietary products.

The company, with plants in Clearwater and Otsego, Minn., designs and thermoforms custom plastic products and packaging solutions for a variety of industries as well as its own line of proprietary plant trays and containers for the horticulture market.  T.O. Plastics made its first investment in 3D printing nearly five years ago and expects its latest expansion to support the company’s goals for growth in 2015.

“Customers in all markets are looking for timely solutions to their needs and those expectations continue to rise daily,” said President Mike Vallafskey.  “T.O. Plastics’ commitment to providing customers with the latest in product design technology is the driving force behind the expansion of the company’s 3D printing capacity and capabilities.”  

The company expects that its latest investment will enable T.O. Plastics to offer customers product design solutions in as little as 24-48 hours. 

“As we wrap up 2014 and look ahead to 2015, strategically we are executing a number of exciting programs,” Vallafskey said.   “One of these initiatives is our ‘Pilot Program,’ which we are confident will exceed customer expectations for timely product and packaging designs as they push to take new products to market faster.”  

The company, which employs approximately 150, remains committed to providing product and service offerings that meet the current and future needs of its customers and the markets they serve.

“As we have watched 3D printing technology improve, we determined that now was the time to further expand our capabilities,” Vallafskey said.  “This commitment to utilizing the latest technology available today is indicative of our desire to provide customers with excellence in all that we do.”

About T.O. Plastics

Founded in 1948, the company got its start as a manufacturer of thermoformed refrigerator parts for the company known today as Frigidaire.  Today, T.O. Plastics offers custom thermoformed products and packaging from plants in Otsego and Clearwater, Minn., to customers in the electronics packagingindustrial / recreational products and medical device and medical packaging industries, among others, and produces its own line of proprietary plant trays and containers. The company offers full-service engineering design, tooling, custom sheet extrusion and thermoforming capabilities.

For more information contact T.O. Plastics or call (320) 558-2407.