Thermoformed Outdoor Recreation Products

Nearly 70 Years in Thermoforming Excellence

Located in the upper Midwest, with facilities in both Clearwater and Otsego, Minn., T.O. Plastics is well-suited to serve the product development and thermoforming needs of the large and significant outdoor recreation industry.

With nearly 70 years in thermoforming experience, T.O. Plastics has the expertise to drive your outdoor recreation product from concept and design, to tooling and manufacturing, no matter what your requirements.  Common applications include ice fishing houses, snowmobiles, ATVs, RVs and ice house windows.

Advanced Thermoforming Production Capabilities

  • Thin-gauge and heavy-gauge thermoforming either in-line or rotary forming (cut sheet)

  • Steel rule and heated forged dies

  • Heavy-gauge thermoforming from .060”-.375”

  • Max mold sizes: 55"W x 82"L x 20"D and 42"W x 80"L x 34"D

  • Variety of plastics formed, including styrene, ABS, polyethylene, polycarbonate, PET, PVC acrylics, conductive, and anti-static materials available

  • 5-Axis CNC routing

  • Gluing and solvent bonding

  • Packaging, pack-out and assembly operations

  • Sustainable manufacturing – closed-loop production from plastic sheet extrusion to thermoforming to reprocessing of scrap

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