Introducing Our 2 Quart, 5.5’’ Square Pots and Carry Trays

T.O. Plastics is pleased to unveil the newest addition to our extensive line of square plant pots and carry trays: 2 quart, 5.5’’ Innovative Growing System

We designed the new 2 quart,5.5’’ square pots and trays to meet the specific needs cited by growers during our conversations with them. Two requests came up over and over again – better drainage and an integrated tag slot.

Our 2 quart,5.5’’ square pots fulfill both requirements and some! Nine strategically placed drain holes, some raised and some recessed, allow the soil within the pots to dry down properly. Specialty integrated feet combined with the detailed bi-level drain holes maximize drainage.

We also incorporated important advancements into the new square pot carry trays to facilitate dry down and improve ease of use:

  • A ridge along the inside bottom of the tray allows the pots to sit above water as it drains out
  • Dual-cell lift features raise the bottom of the tray, with holes allowing airflow to the pots
  • Innovative automation grooves constructed on the bottom of the tray allow for multi-tray handling
  • A raised divider down the middle of the tray provides added stability, with the tray capable of carrying up to 35 pounds
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